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I live for my TV shows and believe that there's no such thing as too much homosexual undertones.

One day I'll be the one responsible for all your slashy feels, since I'm gonna be a screenwriter.
This has been an introduction.

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"lawyers don’t get paid to look out the window"

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 stuck in a moment of emotions I destroyed. Is this the end I feel?


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If he is perfectly honest, Harvey doesn’t really mind that he cannot object to this question. Because he’d really like to know the answer himself.

Mike’s head shoots up, his eyes go wide, his heart starts beating a nervous tattoo against his rib cage. He stares at Louis, stomach twisting itself into knots as his hand clenches next to his thigh, fingernails cutting crescent moons into his palm.

It’s a fair question - in the context of the mock trial it’s a fair question - and as absolutely terrified and pissed off as Mike is right now, he knows that. But Louis is an asshole for asking, and Mike is never going to forgive him for that. If Mike loves Harvey it’s Mike’s business and Mike’s alone, not even Harvey gets to lay claim to that. And Louis putting it out there for everyone to know eliminates any chance Mike had of telling Harvey himself.

It makes Mike feel sick, that someone would take that from him.

Harvey means everything to him, and if he wasn’t ready to tell him that, he wasn’t ready. But Louis has forced his hand, and now there’s nothing he can do about it but be honest. Harvey would never perjure himself, and Mike won’t either.

Not even if Harvey wants nothing to do with him after.

Mike’s gotten used to carrying his love inside of him, tempering it whenever Harvey was around so it wouldn’t come shining out of him at the slightest provocation, at the slightest crinkle of Harvey’s eyes or playful touch. Now he guesses he’s going to have to get used to being bared in front of everyone. He wonders how Louis would react if Mike stood up and told everyone the secret most likely to shatter his world.

Because Mike could live, he could survive, if everyone knew he wasn’t a lawyer, that he hadn’t graduated from Harvard Law just like the rest of them. But living without Harvey is something he can’t imagine.

But thanks to Louis, he might have to.

"Well? Mr. Ross, we’re waiting."

Mike catches Harvey’s watchful eye, swallows hard, and hopes his world isn’t about to come crashing down around him.

"Yes. I’m in love with Harvey."


#not shown are all the times mike leaves the next day in the same clothes he showed up in

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Suits 3.15 | Know When to Fold ‘Em

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BTS of Suits photographed by James Minchin III

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You’re a reflection of me and I absolutely care about me.



It’s been ten months since Jessica fired Mike.

Eight and a half months since Harvey came to his senses and asked Mike out for dinner.

Just shy of five months since Harvey cleared out space in his closet and a drawer in the bathroom for Mike.

Three months since Mike moved in officially and gave up his Brooklyn apartment for good.

Three weeks since they got married.

Marcus was surprised when Harvey called and asked him to be his best man, cautious. But he flew in from California on short notice anyway, grinning when Harvey and Mike met him at the airport. Harvey gets it - the issue for Marcus wasn’t Mike, it was Harvey getting married at all, something he once swore to his brother he’d only do once during a late night, vodka-induced call his senior year of college.

Thing was, no matter how much alcohol he’d consumed, Harvey had meant every word of it then, and he means it now. Marcus only had cause for concern because he didn’t know Mike. So Harvey went off to work a few days before the wedding, and left Marcus and Mike to spend the day together.

Harvey came home that night to Mike and Mike’s newest, biggest fan. And pizza with cheese in the crust.


It’s all easier than Harvey ever thought it could be. Mike fits - in his life, in his family - like he should have been there all along. And he’s so much happier, now that there’s no secret hovering above them constantly.

And happy is exactly how Harvey would like to keep him.

Harvey looks across the table at Mike, sipping from his orange juice, eyes focused down the street as he watches some street artists from behind Harvey’s Wayfarers. It’s still fairly early on a Sunday, and they sit at a table outside this new restaurant in Brooklyn Mike wanted to try, eggs benedict in front of Harvey, waffles in front of Mike.

On impulse, Harvey picks up his phone and snaps a shot of Mike.

Mike turns to him, grins, lifts the sunglasses to sit on top of his head.

"You’re so goddamn beautiful."

Mike blushes. He’s still getting used to that, to Harvey’s overt, public appreciation, the same way he’s still getting used to having a family again, to having money. Every time they go out, Mike’s eyes still search for the cheapest prices on the menu. Still, Harvey has a lifetime to get him there. He can be patient.

Mike leans forward, reaches out and uses his fork to grab a bite of Harvey’s food, grinning at him as he chews. 

Happy looks good on him.

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'Tis the season to read Marvey! Or something like that…

A collection of 40 stories about Harvey and Mike, full of fluff, hot chocolate, snow, Christmas feelings, warm embraces and love! Enjoy!

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