This blog is gay and full of rainbows

I'm 24 and internet is my mother, my brother and my lover.

I live for my TV shows and believe that there's no such thing as too much homosexual undertones.

One day I'll be the one responsible for all your slashy feels, since I'm gonna be a screenwriter.
This has been an introduction.

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I walk into a room, and for this industry, I’m impossibly tall. When they find it hard to pair you up with the opposite sex, then what’s left for a woman? Either you’re the ball-buster or the not-so-attractive girlfriend standing by the lead. I mean, traditionally not so attractive. Because you have your starlets, and then you have their best friends who are these character actresses.

When you fall within the cracks, you thank God for sci-fi, because they’ll give you a gun, and they’ll say, ‘Go over there and conquer that world. You kick some ass, girl!’

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