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I'm 24 and internet is my mother, my brother and my lover.

I live for my TV shows and believe that there's no such thing as too much homosexual undertones.

One day I'll be the one responsible for all your slashy feels, since I'm gonna be a screenwriter.
This has been an introduction.

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smoke and mirrors (jessica pearson)



Jessica doesn’t understand.

She can see the potential in the kid – this Mike Ross from nowhere and nothing – and maybe, if pressed until it hurts, she might admit that she’s the tiniest bit impressed by him. But none of that explains why Harvey is willing to risk so much for his associate. This twenty-something, almost-drug dealer, cheater who got kicked out of college. She can see the potential but Jessica knows – knows without a shadow of a doubt – that this kid isn’t worth Harvey’s loyalty. Not really.

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