And on Thursdays we're teddy bear doctors
I'm 24 and internet is my mother, my brother and my lover.

I live for my TV shows and believe that there's no such thing as too much homosexual undertones.

One day I'll be the one responsible for all your slashy feels, since I'm gonna be a screenwriter.
This has been an introduction.
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Summer is here (x)

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Fangirl Challenge:  [10] TV Shows → Suits

Harvey Specter: What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head? You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things.

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Mike still isn’t comfortable getting measured and fitted for new suits.  He tries to stand quietly and let himself be measured, pinned and tucked.  ”You look so smug,” Mike mutters.

Harvey leans against the nearby counter and watches his lover with a smile.  ”That’s because I am,” he replies.

"Smug bastard," Mike says.

"Your smug bastard."  Harvey closes the space between them and places a gentle kiss to Mike’s cheek.  "Thank you for letting me update your wardrobe."

"Well, you didn’t really give me a choice," Mike says.  "You threw all my suits into your building’s trash incinerator."

"Happy anniversary," Harvey murmurs.

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"lawyers don’t get paid to look out the window"

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 stuck in a moment of emotions I destroyed. Is this the end I feel?


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If he is perfectly honest, Harvey doesn’t really mind that he cannot object to this question. Because he’d really like to know the answer himself.

Mike’s head shoots up, his eyes go wide, his heart starts beating a nervous tattoo against his rib cage. He stares at Louis, stomach twisting itself into knots as his hand clenches next to his thigh, fingernails cutting crescent moons into his palm.

It’s a fair question - in the context of the mock trial it’s a fair question - and as absolutely terrified and pissed off as Mike is right now, he knows that. But Louis is an asshole for asking, and Mike is never going to forgive him for that. If Mike loves Harvey it’s Mike’s business and Mike’s alone, not even Harvey gets to lay claim to that. And Louis putting it out there for everyone to know eliminates any chance Mike had of telling Harvey himself.

It makes Mike feel sick, that someone would take that from him.

Harvey means everything to him, and if he wasn’t ready to tell him that, he wasn’t ready. But Louis has forced his hand, and now there’s nothing he can do about it but be honest. Harvey would never perjure himself, and Mike won’t either.

Not even if Harvey wants nothing to do with him after.

Mike’s gotten used to carrying his love inside of him, tempering it whenever Harvey was around so it wouldn’t come shining out of him at the slightest provocation, at the slightest crinkle of Harvey’s eyes or playful touch. Now he guesses he’s going to have to get used to being bared in front of everyone. He wonders how Louis would react if Mike stood up and told everyone the secret most likely to shatter his world.

Because Mike could live, he could survive, if everyone knew he wasn’t a lawyer, that he hadn’t graduated from Harvard Law just like the rest of them. But living without Harvey is something he can’t imagine.

But thanks to Louis, he might have to.

"Well? Mr. Ross, we’re waiting."

Mike catches Harvey’s watchful eye, swallows hard, and hopes his world isn’t about to come crashing down around him.

"Yes. I’m in love with Harvey."


#not shown are all the times mike leaves the next day in the same clothes he showed up in

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