This blog is gay and full of rainbows

I'm 24 and internet is my mother, my brother and my lover.

I live for my TV shows and believe that there's no such thing as too much homosexual undertones.

One day I'll be the one responsible for all your slashy feels, since I'm gonna be a screenwriter.
This has been an introduction.

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"I’ve been doing this since before I met you, and I’ll be doing it long after I’ve forgotten all about you."

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The day Mike was promoted to Junior Partner, a party was thrown in his honor. The Senior Partners called it long deserved – a credit to his excellent work – the other Junior Partners welcomed him into their ranks, and the associates put on congratulatory smiles while they privately simmered in barely-contained jealousy. Paralegals mixed with partners, assistants mixed with associates, and Harvey Specter strode across the room, wrapped his hand around Mike’s neck, and pulled their mouths together, effectively outing them to a stunned Pearson Hardman.

Interlude by smartalli

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USA Summer 2013 (x)

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@sleepinthegardn - @halfadams

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“Suits” - Patrick Adams - Paley Center (2013) [x]

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